5 August 2016

Our son Steven had always been with us – we thought that was the way it would always be, after all who else could care for him like we did? But as we became older and he became more demanding, there came a time for us to make that most difficult decision. Allowing someone else to care for our disabled child was one of the most stressful and emotional challenges we hoped we would never need to make.

For us however, the day Leeding Care Australia helped our family take the significant step in providing care for our 30 year disabled son, was the day that we were able to see the world in a new light. It was the day our son gained an independence that would make him a better person and the day our family gained some great new friends.

The staff at Leeding Care helped us through those emotionally challenging times with the right balance of sympathy, professionalism, structure and planning. Looking back on that time two years on, we could not have hoped for a better transition for the care of our son.

The Leeding Care staff are exceptional, focusing on quality care, instilling confidence and independence in their clients, and even taking the time to provide the opportunity for a holiday cruise – something our son speaks about excitedly almost every time he comes home. The shared house is his home – it’s his place where he can focus on his day-to-day life with the safety and compassion any parent would hope to see.

Steven has developed skills during his two years at his Leeding Care home that have moved him forward as a more independent person. His participation in daily life skills of cooking, cleaning, shopping and community have made him a more rounded young man and when he comes home for the weekend it is an enjoyable time for all.

The world, as always, is in constant change and Steven’s world is no different. Leeding Care staff adapt well to change and communicate effectively with us about the important things that we should know about.

Well done and thank you Leeding Care Australia for all that you have done. We look forward to the future, and best of all, we can see a future for ourselves and Steven, something we weren’t thinking much about two years ago.

Brian and Sue de Bruyn